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2015 B1 Exam Prep Manual: Residential Building Inspector

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2015 B1 Exam Prep Manual: Residential Building Inspector

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ISBN: 978-1-940864-51-8

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2015 B1 Exam Prep Manual: Residential Building Inspector

This course covers everything you'll need to pass the B1 Residential Building Inspector National Certification Exam (2015 IRC Code Edition). It is a practical course that teaches a quick and easy method to navigate through the detailed IRC Code as you practice for the B1 exam. You'll learn how to locate Code sections quickly and accurately, as you must during the B1 timed exam.

Available with Book and Online Access

As an experienced publisher with over 40 years experience in Real Estate and Construction, this is not just practice questions and answers. It is designed to teach you how to navigate and understand the 2015 IRC to pass the B1 Building Inspector Certification.

Warning: This course is for the 2015 IRC only.


  • Book with 11 Chapters covering the IRC B1 topics.
  • 400+ practice questions
  • Answers with code references, detailed explanations, and clear illustrations and charts.
  • How to study for the exam, how to take multiple-choice exams, and how to find the specific topics covered on the B1 exam.
  • Seven self-timed exams and a final exam with the toughest questions.
  • Free 1-year membership to online exam prep featuring all the practice tests. It automatically times and scores the practice exams and provides feedback on questions you miss.

Online portion is available for 365 days from the date of activation. If you wish to renew beyond 365 days, please email or give us a call.

Free Sample 2015 B1 Building Inspector Test Questions and Answers

1. Which of the following is the building official not authorized to do?

A. render interpretations of the Code

B. adopt policies and procedures to clarify the application of Code provisions

C. waive requirements specifically provided in the Code

D. issue notices or orders to ensure Code compliance

Answer C: R104.1 and R104.3—Duties and Powers of the Building Official: General; Notices and Orders

Explanation: Building officials may interpret the Code, but they must conform to the intent and letter of the Code and may not waive any requirements of the Code.

2. Accessory structures may have no more than _____ of floor area and _____ story (-ies).

A. 1000 sq ft … 1

B. 2000 sq ft … 2

C. 3000 sq ft … 2

D. 4000 sq ft … 3

Answer C: R202—Definitions: Accessory Structure

Explanation: Careful not to confuse the definition of an accessory structure (3000 sq ft) with the maximum size of an accessory building before a permit is required (200 sq ft) (see Sec. R105.2).

3. What is the minimum height for a non-sloped ceiling in a hallway?

A. 6 feet-8 inches

B. 7 feet

C. 7 feet-6 inches

D. 8 feet

Answer B: R305—Ceiling Height: Minimum Height

Explanation: R305 gives the minimum ceiling heights for residential living spaces, and the illustration below summarizes these requirements. The question above specifies that the ceiling is not sloped, so you are looking for the answer that applies to general living areas and not to the exceptions for sloped, bathroom, or basement ceilings. The minimum ceiling height for habitable spaces (including hallways) is 7 feet.
Ceiling Height Requirements

4. Which of the following fasteners are prohibited above grade when attaching plywood and lumber to other lumber?

A. Type 304 or 316 stainless steel

B. hot-dipped galvanized nails

C. hot-tumbled galvanized nails

D. electro-galvanized steel nails

Answer D: R402.1.1—Materials: Wood Foundations, Fasteners

Explanation: The zinc coating on this type of nail is too thin.

5. What is the maximum span for 2” x 10” (nominal size) Southern Pine No. 2 floor joists, spaced 16” o.c., and supporting a sleeping area with a design dead load of
10 psf and a design live load of 30 psf?

A. 14 feet

B. 16 feet

C. 18 feet

D. 24 feet

Answer C: Table R502.3.1(1)—Floor Joist Spans, Residential Sleeping Areas

Explanation: In this case, you are told that the question refers to a sleeping area and that the live load is 30 psf—both of which require you to look in the first of the two joist-span tables to find the answer. In Table R502.3.1, look under 16” o.c. joist spacing, a dead load of 10 psf (middle column sections), Southern Pine No. 2, and 2” x 10” nominal size. The maximum allowable floor joist span is given as 18 feet.